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So Loretta is in foal to Cabadino and Brando is doing really well with Courtney. They went to their first show 2 weeks ago.  Twinholm Adult days.  Although the turnout was low, the experience with great for Brando.  He got to go around a really ring, with jumps, flowers, flags and banners.  He had wide eyes to start with, but once he was asked to perform, he was GREAT.  Came home with 3 ribbons and a bottle of wine!!!

Nala is still living at home with us, but we will be sending her…


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I did not get to ride this week.  Either it was too wet (just rain this time), cold, or I had a head cold.  So I read in some old horse books I just got, two from the U.S.A. Cavalry and an old one from an ex Russian cavalry officer who got taught by both James Fillis and Federico Caprilli.  This guy literally got to learn riding from both sides, the high collection of Fillis to the free extended movement taught by Caprilli.  This cavalryman, Colonel…


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Time Travel with Horses.

I love this photo- it’s education in a trickle down sort of way. These fillies are learning the fine art of wither itching from my retired gelding- when he speaks everyone leans close and listens. He is the Master.

Maybe learning takes lifetimes… This week I have been reading…


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~Cat's Young Rider Years - Our First Prix St. George! ~

     There’s only one word to describe my horse Chance and I’s first Young Rider qualifier for the 2011 North American Young Rider Championships, which also happened to be our debut at Prix St. George . . . . . it was F A B U L O U S ! ! !  Chance was such a trooper and really got down to business.  Coming into this show I knew that we were both ready for the step up,…


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Canadian Reining Committee Congratulates Lisa Coulter for being Number One in Both the FEI Reining Rankings and Standings

Le français suit l’anglais

January 20, 2011         


Ottawa, ON—The Canadian Reining Committee (CRC) is pleased to announce that at the conclusion of the 2010 FEI Reining season Lisa Coulter of Princeton, BC, has earned the top spot on both the FEI Reining World Ranking and World Standing Lists.                                



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The Silver Lining in an Equine Dream

I think my story is similar to many first time horse owners over 40. I’ve loved horses since I was 8, but didn’t have an opportunity to own one; so at 50+ years and with some time, money and determination to bring an old dream to life, I bought a horse. The story and dream grew to include 2 horses. I was so excited, but naïve about what it takes to look after and develop a…


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Listening to Mia

This week I was fortunate, I got to ride Mia twice. I must admit that when I got out of the car on Friday and felt the COLD wind, I announced that it was official, I was insane! But I rode anyway. Of course.

I have been trying out several bits with Mia, all using my Micklem multi-bridle. There are several reasons for this. The main reason is that I am trying to find the most comfortable bit for Mia, the bit with which she is comfortable enough so that she will consent…


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Horse Play News Jan - Feb 2011

The Running Horse

A Bi-monthly Newsletter from Horse Play

Jan – Feb 2011…


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Helmets and Freedom

A friend of mine volunteered at a nursing home. One of the patients there was always talking about riding and my friend thought that maybe I could come along and talk horses with her. That was what I knew when I entered her room.

The walls were covered with horse pictures from magazines, a couple of medical machines were humming and sighing,…


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Saddle Fit and Subluxations


I got this question from one of the osteopaths I work with in Germany, and asked my friend Dr. Joanna Robson, DVM (author of Recognizing the Horse in Pain) to give me her wisdom so I could respond on behalf of the client this was concerning. Apparently the Osteopath seemed to think that there were subluxations occurring on the horse’s spine due to the centre of balance of the saddle being too far back.


Joanna writes:


My understanding is that the…


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2011 Equine Canada Annual Convention will Feature General Breed Sport and Reining Judges’ Clinics

Le français suit l’anglais

January 19, 2011                                                


2011 Equine Canada Annual Convention will Feature General Breed Sport and Reining Judges’ Clinics


Ottawa, ON—The 2011 Equine Canada Annual Convention is set for January 24–31, 2011 at the Lord Elgin Hotel in Ottawa, ON, and this year two new clinics…


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Ontario Residents! Be the first at your barn to sport the official Canadian Equestrian Team license plate!!

Proudly show your support! Available exclusively from Equine Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (ServiceOntario).

Regular series plates can be ordered directly from Equine Canada by contacting Cheryl at ctataryn@equinecanada.ca or 613-248-3433 x 111 and are $81.71 + shipping.


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Canadian Eventing High Performance Committee comments on David O'Connor's application to coach the US Eventing Team in 2013

Le français suit

January 19, 2011

Canadian Eventing High Performance Committee comments on David O’Connor’s application to coach the US Eventing Team in 2013

Ottawa, ON—The Canadian Eventing Team’s International Technical Advisor, David O’Connor, has submitted his application to coach the US Eventing Team commencing in 2013.

O’Connor is held in very high regard for his work with the Canadian Eventing Team, and his five years of service has transformed the high… Continue

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Training a Stubborn Horse!

This question comes from Melissa in Indiana and is typical of ones like this that I receive on a regular basis. Her situation involves a horse that is just too bossy! Perhaps this sounds familiar to you too? Melissa writes:

I have a 4.5 year old gelding quarter mix I’ve had…


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Day Dreaming

Another missive from yours truly ... aka Shakespeare "The Equine" ... direct from Poet's Paddock. Enjoy!


Day Dreaming


I trot to trees green;…


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So you want to be an Equine Photographer

Equine photography is one of the lesser known, though nonetheless still popular forms of photography. For those of you who do not know what it is, Equestrian Photography is the Photography of Horses, both in their natural surroundings and in competitive situations.

Equestrian Photography can be divided into 2 categories:

1.  Competitive Equestrian…


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First Gykhana - Stage 2


First Gykhana - Stage 2


Firstly let me apologize for the delay in adding stage 2 of First Gymkhana.. life has a way of getting in the way ☺..…


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Maybe Now I Can Fix my Head

I have been stuck in my house this past week because of the snow and ice that fell earlier this week.  Unable to get to the stable and ride I have had to content myself with reading my horse books, a poor substitute for the real thing to be sure, but better than nothing, especially since I have some position faults that I still need to fix.…


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The reason I work...

Well, it's year end. I'm an accountant. I hate January. And my birthday is in January. I'll spare you the gory details, but I've done 130 hours since January 3, up til 1:30 am, phone calls in the middle of the night, it's been ugly. And last night, I sat at my desk in tears. Last time I did that, I went on stress leave and quit that job. So, today someone else is on call (although I got one call this morning). And off I went to the barn.

My darling little girl was happy to see her… Continue

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