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Looking for an Added Edge

If you have been following my blogs you know I am riding ruined horses, horses who had lost faith in humans, horses who never really learned to trust the bit or the rider’s hands, horses with deep resistances, just basically horses who have been subjected to bad training, bad riding, and who then were sold to people who did not ride as well as the trainer.  You also know that I have this deep faith in the ability of Forward Riding (Forward Seat, Forward Control, and Forward…


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Supplements: Omega Alpha

Hey bloggers,

This week's blog is going to be taking a look at Omega Alpha supplements. This highly regarded supplement company provides natural supplements for horses in Canada and the USA. Celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, Omega Alpha has over 30 products to assist and promote equine health. All their products are personally made by the company and uses the finest natural ingredients for each supplement. Omega Alpha specializes in natural formulations for enhancing…


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Humor Deficit Disorder: Serious Riders and Stoic Horses.

Humor Deficit Disorder: It’s time someone brings this condition out of the closet.

Seriousness might be the biggest obstacle in getting a good ride. Ever had that feeling that the harder you try, the worse it gets? You could have Humor…


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Riding and Religion

When I heard Jack LeGoff say for the umpteenth time, “Training horses is like religion … you have to BELIEVE! I must admit that I may have rolled my eyes at the time. Cut me some slack – I was just a kid! Twenty years later, I truly get it.

I also remember Jack telling me that YEARS after training with…


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The Brand New Saddle

I remember getting my first brand new saddle when I was a little girl.  I couldn’t wait for that “new saddle” smell, and to see the beautiful finish of that virgin leather.  My old saddle was simply an eyesore and I had endured it for years.  I had inherited the old saddle from a cousin who had outgrown it years before, and I’m fairly certain it wasn’t new when she acquired it either.  It was just beneath my dignity to use it any more.  My new saddle finally arrived, and it soon became…


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All We Want for Christmas is a Full Hayloft!

All We Want for Christmas is a Full Hayloft!

Fun Ways to Help Horse Play This Holiday Season

Come visit Santa Bring your dog, your cat, your ferret or iguana

All Pets Welcome – Kids too - December 9th & 16th 12-3pm

Pony Rides  & Refreshments too!

This is a special appearance for pets and kids to benefit…


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2 weeks until sunny California!!

It's really starting to sink in now!  Packing has already begun so nothing gets left behind (4000 km is a long way to go!)

If you haven't already, check out the website for the Tournament of Roses.  It's much more than a football game!

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The Woman I want to become....




It’s not easy, what some of us have lived through.  We lose ourselves in the humdrum process of daily life, we become someone we hardly recognize.  What happened to the girl who knew who she was and what she wanted?  Where did she go?  Who are we without the house, the kids, the husband and the laundry?  A very good question.

In these past few years I have faced many challenges, as many women have.  I left a man I had loved…


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Norman's children book is out!,

The kid's version of Norman's story has been published with a portion of the proceeds going to LongRun and Heaven Can Wait horse rescues. Get your copies here

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December 2012 with Cooper

Saturday Dec 1/12 

I didn't get out to see Cooper again all last week, Al did go out on his own though. When I came in to the barn Cooper was pushing his nose in the corner of the door to get out. As I groomed him he had this soft look in his eyes and was turning his head and mouthing me, not biting, just rubbing me with his lips. I wasn't feeling up to riding so I decided to take him into the arena and free lunge him as no one else was around. He was relaxed and not doing any crazy…


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Christmas Gift Ideas

Hey bloggers,  

This week's blog is going to be based on Christmas gift ideas for all your horsey friends and family. At Baker's, we have a wide selection of small and big Christmas gifts to make gift giving very special this Christmas season. Posted below is a list of our top 5 Christmas gift ideas so far this month. Stay tuned for more as we get closer to Christmas. 

1) Horse treats; nothing is better than spoiling your own horse as well as your friends' and family's horses.…


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Some Progress with Mick.

Riding Mick the last two weeks has provided me with an interesting contrast. Last week Mick was really, really, really stiff when I mounted, and when Debbie told me she had taken him on a longer trail ride the day before I understood why. Mick was so stiff that I think he had been sending my subconscious mind “messages” that he was not up to much, because I forgot to switch my RS-tor between saddles. It was truly amazing how much confidence I lost when I could not hold the…


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Hoof Structure

The amount of information available about horse hooves and their trimming, shoeing, barefooting, wrapping, booting, soaking, and “orthotic-ing” is mind-boggling.  So the first thing I want you to know in this post is that I’m not going to summarize all that or wade in to the “natural hoof care” debate or encourage you to purchase a product of some sort.  My goal in this post is the same as it is for the blog as a whole: to offer you a different point of view on a subject — one that doesn’t…


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