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Willie Nelson: The Love of Horses

Willie Nelson is known the world over for his music but what you might not know is Willie Nelson has a love and passion for horses. Willie grew up watching the old cowboys like Roy Rogers and Gene Autry and that what he wanted to be "They rode horses and sang songs" as Willie said. Today not only does he ride horses and sing songs but he has also rescued and rehabilitated over 70 horses headed to slaughter.

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Top New Year's Resolutions for Horseback Riders

Are you still searching for that perfect New Year’s resolution? We’re here to help. These New Year’s resolutions can work for many riders – hopefully you’ll find an idea in this list that inspires you as we kick off 2015!

Become Physically Fitter

While losing weight is a popular New Year’s resolution, resolve…


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Chimerism and Brindle: What Are They?

Chimerism: what is it?  Chimerism is when fraternal twins fuse together while still in utero, resulting in an organism with two sets of DNA. It doesn't occur often, and both equines and people can be…


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December 28, 2011: Steven Spielberg’s War Horse Was Released

On December 28, 2011 the world was given a glimpse into the life of military horses with the release of Steven Spielberg’s War Horse. This dramatic DreamWorks film brought to life the 1982 children’s novel War Horse written by Michael Morpurgo.

Morpurgo wrote War Horse after speaking with World War I veterans about their…


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Old Horses

2015, we'll have known each other for ten years. My project horse will be 21 and me 31. But let's not count numbers. Let us focus on quality: My project horse doesn't get older, he gets better.

I don't need fiery temperament in a horse. But I appreciate calmness and understanding. When you've been together for some years, communication becomes more and more…


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Just Out for a Walk

Just Out for a Walk


If we have time, Ellen and I often go on a hike after we ride.  The easiest thing to do is to just walk on the hill that leads to the river—that way, we don’t have to drive anywhere.  We typically do 3 trips up and down.  It is a…


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How to Do Good With Your Old Horse Equipment

If you’re lucky, you received some great new horse equipment for Christmas. Whether you got that new pair of boots that you needed, or your horse got a new blanket and halter, chances are that you now have some old equipment that you don’t really need. During this season of giving, that old equipment can be the perfect way to make a generous gift to a local rescue or…


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A Rescue Training Journal, Told from Two Viewpoints.

If there is an annual pony day, it should be Christmas. The reason is obvious, but if you didn’t get your wish, read this:

I’m a Dressage Queen with an unlikely soft spot for vertically-challenged horses. Too often they get small patience from humans who treat them with low regard. Or at the very least, these condensed equines are under-estimated–they are smart, tough, and very athletic. In the last few years that I’ve…


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Dante’s Dark Side

Dante’s Dark Side


Ellen was working Sunday, and I thought I would take advantage of the great weather and ride Dante on the trail. I knew I couldn’t cross the river because I already rode down there with Cole Train.  We would have to do the hill multiple times.


The hill can be a tricky place to work a…


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Andalusions and Lusitanos: Is There a Difference?

I have read many articles on Lusitano and Andalusion horses;some say there are differences between the two and other articles say there is no difference, they are the same horse From different areas. Well, Let's see…


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Ranger’s Issues

Ranger’s Issues


Ranger, my sister’s horse of nearly 20 years, has developed breathing issues.  It was something that occurred gradually over the last year or so, but this fall, it got pretty bad.  He wasn’t coughing uncontrollably like Cruiser was, but…


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The Fell Pony

The Fell Pony has a rich and unique history dating all the way back to 15,000 B.C. This pony still makes a popular mount today.


The Fell Pony’s distant origins begin with wild European ponies found in northern England as early as 15,000 B.C. These early ponies were strong, had a gentle nature, and were hardy enough to…


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Trying the Wellep Bit on Mick


Since I had noticed that Mick’s back felt better when I used a bit versus using a cross-under bitless bridle I decided to see if I could get him to move his tongue more while being ridden.  I had three choices from my bit collection, my egg-butt center copper roller snaffle, my regular Wellep bit and the Wellep Lever cheek bit that acts like a gag bit (these bits are no longer made, you can see them at  Since I think…


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When will it End?

I have been working on lots of ground work with the horse I ride lately. It's been a blast, Parelli training is really fun. Each time we cover something it goes a lot smoothly than before. I've been covering backing through a space, roughly three feet wide and over a pole. At first, the horse I ride was apprehensive about going through that small space and over a pole. Not only was he apprehensive, but my cues and directions were off a little. We made…


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2nd Edition of Ride Like You've Never Been Thrown

As published in the Rider Newspaper

Shirley, you joust!

She is pretty as a princess, courageous as a knight and ‘certifiably crazy’.

Yes, she is pretty as a princess and not only brave, she is motivated and compelled to excel at everything…


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10 Life Lessons I Learned From Horses - The Last 5

Here's the second part meaning another 5 of the ten life lessons I've learned from horses so far.

  1. You are allowed to make mistakes. Have you ever felt reproach in a horse‘s glance? I haven‘t. Not because my project horse isn‘t fed up with me from time to time. I make mistakes, am unfair (though not on purpose), am not in control of my…

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The Loop

The Loop


Last year at this time, I tried riding Cole out on the loop—a small track that is about a quarter mile long that is behind the barn—and it was a disaster.  I ended up riding him in the arena when it got too dark in the evenings to go on the trail.  This year, I decided to try it again.…


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Old Poke Meets Mr. Smooth

Old Poke Meets Mr. Smooth


Oh, what a long weekend we had.  It was 4 consecutive, sunny October days—perfect for riding.  Of course, we had our usual vacation disaster, but this time, it had nothing to do with the weather or a high river.…


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Making Lemonade

Making Lemonade

My sister and I take our vacation days together so we can go riding. We have to pick our days weeks ahead of time because if the way her employer’s system works. It’s not like we can look at the forecast and pick the days with the best weather. Instead, we just guess.

Our vacations are notorious for having bad weather and high rivers.…


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The Goldenrod Ride

The Goldenrod Ride


My sister and I love to ride up to the show ring trails all the time—but particularly when the goldenrod is blooming. Sunday was a chilly, sunny morning—a perfect day to see the goldenrod. Instead of Dante, Ellen took Ranger. Ranger loves…


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