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Horse Showing With the Kiddo....


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Show Woes: Dealing With Fear


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Showing From Home

Showing can be expensive so it’s nice to know there’s a way to cut trailering costs and stay at home to do it. You can even compete against riders from all over the country while you’re at it. Thanks to developments by the International Performance Horse Development Association (IPHDA), it’s now possible to show your horses in western disciplines from the comfort of your home.

IPHDA offers eight progressive levels of competition in… Continue

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Showing From Home

Showing can be expensive so it’s nice to know there’s a way to cut trailering costs and stay at home to do it. You can even compete against riders from all over the country while you’re at it. Thanks to developments by the International Performance Horse Development Association (IPHDA), it’s now possible to show your horses in western disciplines from the comfort of your home.

Entering is fairly easy. Simply go to the IPHDA website and choose from one of their… Continue

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A work in progress

Ive been thinking (you can smell the smoke from there can't you) that I need to focus on the things I can change and let go of the crap that I can't. (sounds AA-ish, I am actually 7 and a half years sober.)

I'm not even going to talk about the "crap" I cant change right now and focus on what I CAN change.

**I am tired and unhealthy. I am, what I have recently found out, a "bad" vegetarian. I have been this way for about 3 years. I cut out meat but havent added any vegetables.…


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the show

Hey Guys,
my barn and i are preparing for one of the quinte cups which is tommorow! so siked. i am riding my own horse( a public spectacle)barn name is scalliwag and we do two six and up to 3 foot.scalliwag is a paint so he is always hard to clean but oh well we'll deall with it when he gets dirty. so everyone wish me luck!!

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No, it's not about the pop group from the 90's!!

It's about the wettest start to the Royal Adelaide Show in a hundred years.

They say there were a thousand lightning strikes in the metro area, all I know is the thunder was so close it caused a traffic accedent in my pants!!

7.30am Friday, all 4 horses and the two ponys loaded well and we were out the gate on time on our way to the Show in good spirits. Tony Hall, Kate, Nick and Briony and myself looking forward to a…


Added by Geoffrey Pannell on September 9, 2010 at 5:00am — 2 Comments

Wentworth Show

Well, after a mammoth 8 hour drive in the new truck we arrived safely and everyone travelled well. Wentworth is in the western district of New South Wales, so a fair way from Inman Valley. My wife ,Kate, has a family connection with the area and she was the first Miss Wentworth showgirl. As this was the 20th anniversary of that milestone in her life we felt duty bound to return for the show ( plus the mother in law said we had to!). I took two Showjumpers and the kids took a pony each , plus…


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Dublin show at the Royal Dublin Society in Ballsbridge is the centrepiece and driving force for many in the Irish Equestrian community. It is so dominant in our culture that people just talk about it as ‘the horse show’, despite the fact that there are…


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Dress To Impress - Yourself

As I have grown up in horses I have noticed something which I think gets by many riders. It combines functionality with human nature and it’s something I have grown to take as gospel but few others speak about.




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Saturday, July 24th


Today is July 24th, and i havent been on Barnmice for a REALLY long time. i'm quite happy that people are joining my group, Showing. Riders helping Riders is a great way to connect.

I'm leaving to go to a special English riding camp, and it'll be a lot of fun! I get to ride a different horse, but i dont know which one. I have been going to this camp since the summer of 2007, but usually i ride… Continue

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My Journey to Juniors ~ It's Official!!!

Well, it's official! The dust has settled after the last of the qualifying competitions for the North American Junior and Young Rider Championships and Chance and I have ended up leading the U.S. Region 5 Junior Team with a 66.4% average! The other team members are Jordan Farr with her horse Phoenix and Aylin Corapcioglu and Ruhman. Our Young Rider Team consists of Brandi Roenick with Nobel, Laura Decesari with Cheenook II, and Maddi Birch with Starlight. I'm so proud of everyone and I know…


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A Stellar Show- But, not stellar eating

Well I fell off the eating healthy wagon yesterday. We were only at the

horse show for the day which made it difficult to really have a

schedule. We left here at 11:30 and I had a bagel with lox and cream

cheese (light) around 10:30. By the time the afternoon performance got

over, it was almost 4:00 before we got to lunch. We ended up in an

italian place that some people we knew wanted to go to. Everything was

heavy cream and there was nothing that I would call… Continue

Added by Nina Kraus on June 4, 2010 at 12:42am — 4 Comments

Our season so far...

So the eventing season’s now well and truly underway. Dells already had outings to Isleham and Poplar where he jumped double clears in the placings

and last weekend he jumped his first intermediate novice at Great Witchingham

and finished 10th.

Things are looking up!

Continuing with the success front I also managed to pass my…


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We're Officially Qualified for the 2010 NAJYRC!!!

Chance and I had a very succesful weekend April 3-4th at the ADA Spring Celebration! I feel like we're learning so much together and I'm so excited for our future! Chance and I are both learning how to handle his new and improved fitness level, but we made it through the weekend with good scores inspite of a few bobbles. I felt like we had our best quality work ever in the Junior Team Test on Saturday and…


Added by Catherine Chamberlain on April 7, 2010 at 8:48am — 4 Comments

Spring ADA

My little guy put forth a wonderful effort this weekend at the ADA Spring Celebration. All scores above 60% in first level and making great progress in second level! We also pulled the second level high point award! My top hat flew off in 2 of my rides, it was so embarrassing! Happens to the best of us I suppose. We get a well deserved few weeks off until Region 7 Championships for Arabs later this month!

Added by Emmy on April 4, 2010 at 9:22pm — 6 Comments

Great Witchingham Novice

The end of term at school (early of course) saw us making the mahusive trip into the depths of east anglia for Dell’s first Intermediate Novice (IN). Despite gloomy predictions of a long

journey from everyone ., we arrived early! – That one joins my optimistically

short list of “journeys that take half the time Google says they will”....

Dells first intermediate test meant it was also his first test I had…


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Shake, Rattle and Show

Sunday – March 21

Shake Rattle and Show

Well – not quite in that order – today was more like Show, Shakes and Rattlers…


Added by Monica Whitmer on March 25, 2010 at 9:30am — 4 Comments

March show!

So as I packed up the horse trailer to go home, I though to myself it had been a great day, could have been better though. But the day did not go as smoothly as id had hoped. First, my mom was unable to drive me to the show so I had to car pool me and my horse with a barn friend. Anyway, my class started at 8 so at the least had to be their at the least 7:30, so i got picked up at 7:00 (supposed to be picked up at 6:30) and we got there at 7:45! Well yes, my first show with Summer I was…


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Horse show!!

March 7th will be my first hunter show with Summer, we will be entering the X-Rail Division at Arbutus Meadows in Parksville. Ive been planning for this show for about a month now, she has been ridden for 6 days a week for a month in preperation for this show. This will be my second time cantering a course, I havent cantered a course in like 4 years! But yesterday was my last lesson untill the show, and I must say that we are pretty good now, except for the occasianal run-out, we both have…


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