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October 8th, 2010

I had a western riding lesson today. I guess it wasnt exactly a riding lesson as much as it was tips and help with getting the most out of Harley. My plan is to use him next year as my gymkhana horse. I had wanted to use Bentley but my western trainer thinks that his conformation will cause him problems when I really start to push him for speed. Im bummed about this. I dont want to do anything to Bentley that… Continue

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October 5, 2010

Im a little bummed today. It was raining here today and I didnt get to ride or work with any of my horses. There was a small window mid afternoon that the weather broke and I could have taken advantage of it but didnt. I feel really guilty when I waste an oppurtunity to ride and play with my babies.

Yesterday though, I did ride two horses and worked with Fergie.

I rode Harley… Continue

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Learn To Ride With Soft Hands

Hi Guys,

Riding with soft hands is an awesome goal, and your horse will thank you for it. In this training tip, I'm going to give you both some simple physical exercises and also some fun mental exercises to help you achieve this goal.

Here are 2 physical exercises.

1. Tie two reins or ropes or even two pieces of baling twine to a sturdy fence. Hold the ropes as if they are reins. Take up a contact of at least 10 pounds in each hand. Then, adjust the weight…


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Dressage saddle, wow!

I have a small Quarter Horse, a passive-aggressive mare that had been badly abused and was starved half to death when I got her seven months ago. From the beginning, she has disliked every Western saddle I have tried on her and is none too fond of my Jeffries Falcon Hawk either, even though it fit her fairly well. I have been tearing my hair out trying to figure out what to put on her back.… Continue

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New U.S. Western Dressage Association

The Western Dressage Association of America (WDAA) has been established as a Colorado non-profit organization by passionate members of the U.S. western horse community to combine the culture of the American western horse and the discipline of…


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Ladies: if you buy a Roping saddle, buy a vibrator too, you'll need one

For years, I bought, sold, repaired and even made a few western saddles. I loved to carve leather, so I would spend hours, days, and even weeks making elaborate designs on the fenders, swells and skirts.

Here is the funny thing, I was like the shoe maker who did not own a pair of his own shoes.

Neither did my husband.…

Daily Oats: Don't lope in a Roper Continue

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When Your Horse Tries to Stop at the Gate


I have a Tennessee walker and she rides around the arena fine until she passes the gate. Then it happens, she starts to walk sideways in to the gate. I am a new rider so I'm not sure what to do. When I try to correct her she thinks I'm telling her to stop. How do I do it?

Your horse is simply gate sour and wants to stop at the gate and go out of it and back to the barn. All horses have this tendency, if not handled correctly, and it is sometimes…


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A Good Day :)

So I'm pretty new to blogging, but I decided that I had a super day today and it would be fun to at least document some of it. Today was Treasure's third show of the year (second show away from home) and he was absolutely brilliant!! I think today was the first time he went to a show and didn't spook at anything - a milestone for sure! He was a bit quick for the judge's liking in our Western…


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September 17 2010

Today was a beautiful day. I tried to work all my horses but only got a few done. Its all good though.


I did ground work with Fergie, (Painted Beauty), (my newest baby a 3 yo paint. The filly from my late paint mare, B (My Bayou Beauty). I got her completely green. So I am starting from scratch.)

I lunged Fergie in the arena with a western…


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Here's How To Have A Great Ride Everyday!

Hi Guys,

Attitude is a choice. You don't have to have a bad day. Here are 3 simple ways to insure that every ride you have with your horse is a great one!

1. Learn to see things in shades of grey.

Want to know how to have a great ride everyday? Stop expecting perfection. Don't look at training and competing in black or white terms. Instead, learn to see things in "shades of gray". The key to seeing shades of gray is to recognize…


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The Importance of Posting on the Correct Diagonal

Hi Julie,

Try to settle this discussion - please! Is posting on the correct "diagonal" only important in English riding? I always thought it was about the horse's balance in a bend....some say it's just not a "western thing"...and will post in a western saddle, but not with any regard for the diagonal???



You are correct that posting…


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Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind to Overcome Fear

Hi Guys,

One of the biggest mistakes riders make when we're trying to overcome horseback riding fears is that we direct our efforts toward the conscious mind. You know--willpower, iron-jawed determination. The problem with that strategy is that you can only make short-term, temporary changes when you direct your efforts to your conscious mind. To make permanent changes, direct your efforts to the part of your brain that truly determines your actions--your subconscious mind.…


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Natural Horsemanship Solutions: Join Up

Join Up – get your horse to catch you!


Have you ever gone into the paddock to catch your horse and your horse keeps running away from you?

Do you ever head to the paddock…


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Natural Horsemanship Solutions: The Power of Non-Demanding Time

Please Like Me! The Power of Non-Demanding Time

Develop the Partnership you have always dreamed for!


You can force horses to do many things, but forcing a horse to like and trust you is impossible. A horse…


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Help with Confidence


I have a 15-year old gelding – appaloosa/Clydesdale cross, Copper. My problem is that I am not confident enough to follow through with things that I ask him to do. This happens mainly when I ride him – he’s lazy and doesn't want to go, or doesn't want to go in the direction I want to go. That is partly because I don’t have a lot of experience with horses, but mostly because I saw Copper buck someone off that he didn't like, and I don’t want that to happen to me! I know that he…


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Rhythm and Tempo: Which tempo is best for your horse?

Hi Guys,

First, let me define rhythm and tempo. I want to do this because lots of dressage riders use those terms interchangeably and they don't mean the same thing.

Rhythm - Regularity of the rhythm refers to the even spacing between each step in a stride of walk, trot or canter. Regular rhythm is a priority for all work--whether or not you're riding a pure dressage horse. Movements and exercises should never be done at the expense of rhythm. Rhythm should always stay…


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Long way from home....

Sitting in a tent when it's -5 outside in the middle of summer with friends vomitting around you from altitude sickness at 10,000 feet. Long way from home.

With Dell having a mini mid season break I got offered a place on a budget…

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Snaffle vs Curb Bits for Trail Horses

Hi Julie,

I came across a book recently that talked about the comfort snaffle. I was surprised to learn that snaffles are not exactly what they are supposed to be and some bits that I thought were snaffles (like the Tom Thumb) are not snaffles, nor are they mild. I have noticed at times some of our horses pulling on the reins and opening their mouths. From what I read it was saying that…


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Horse Play News Aug-Sept 2010

The Running Horse

A Bi-monthly Newsletter from Horse Play

Issue August-September 2010

Horse Play

EIN: 05-0506340




Message from Aidan – the Alpha Mare

Whew! Has it been hot, humid and buggy or what! Good weather for napping or just grazing – whichever. Haven’t been on the trail in…


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Solve Horseback Riding Fear With An Attitude Of Gratitude

It's completely reasonable that you might have some fear when horseback riding. After all, you’re dealing with a reactive (reactive means bolt, spin, buck, shy, or rear!) animal that outweighs you by a lot! But you can solve those horseback riding fears by adopting an attitude of gratitude.

The first thing you need to remember is that 99% of the things you fear never come to pass. So why waste all that energy worrying about things that will probably never happen. Mark…


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