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Horsey Volunteering

Therapeutic Riding Centers: these places usually run on 99% volunteers so they’re always looking for new volunteers. You can even bring along your non-horsey friends since most of the volunteer work involves working with riders. Try the Community Association for Riding for the Disabled in Toronto, or King’s Ransom Stables in Schomberg.

Horse Shows: student volunteers are usually needed for… Continue

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Equine Apps for iPod/iPhone Users

EquiSketch Dressage or Reining- Nicholas Garcia: $4.99 for either

Allows you to create, manage, share and view dressage/reining tests. You can even choose from arena sizes and colour code your test.

Pocket Stable- Road Apple Applications- $3.99

If you have a horse, you should probably have this app. It keeps track of everything from your horse, barn and vet… Continue

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If The Rug Fits – Wear It

If The Rug Fits – Wear It

When it comes to rugs and horse blankets, Bucas is a name that horse owners world wide trust to ensure that their horses and ponies are suitably dressed whatever the weather or time of year.

Making sure that your rugs fit correctly will make all the difference not only to…


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What’s Your Horse Wearing This Spring?

What’s Your Horse Wearing This Spring?

With spring in the air, its time to strip off those winter layers and look forward to the warmer months ahead. When it comes to your own horse’s wardrobe, Bucas Rugs have ten great tips to ensure that your horse is suitably dressed this spring.…


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~Cat's Young Rider Years - Mid Winter Dressage CDI~


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The Mares Respond Positively

Spring has arrived early here in NC.  Today it is supposed to get up to 70 F.  The horses are shedding like crazy, the trees are pumping out pollen, and the fruit farmers are really worried because the flower buds on their trees are preparing to bloom.  Sometime in the next month or two we will probably get another sharp freeze down in the 20's F.  Meanwhile I am enjoying the clement weather.



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From a Horse to Horseworship

I will never forget the day I was swept off my feet by a dashing 1200 pound, 16.1 hand, black and white Appendix Gelding named Tuxedo.  


Believe it or not, I found him on Dreamhorse and in an instant I knew he was my horse. He was the right age (11) and he could do Dressage, Stadium and Cross Country Jumping.  He had been competing at Training Level and Schooled…


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Horse Book Review: SPIRIT OF THE HORSE by Carole Devereux


By Deborah Hopkins



The New Myths of Equus

By Carole Devereux

Published by Windhorse Press

U.S $20  Canada $25


One might expect a book, written by an Animal…


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BHS Exam Case Study: Alice training towards BHS Stage 4. Planning to take the exam in the next 12 months.

19th FEBRUARY 2011

Pic: Alice

One of the riders I started teaching this year has bravely agreed to be a Case Study for the Academy's BHS Programme :) Alice… Continue

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Embrace a Career Change

I’ve traveled in all directions in the last few months- looking at potential lesson horses. I want to rescue the skinny ones. I try to guess how much retraining will be needed for others. The right horse…


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OK, I admit it - I am 'whipped'!

After reading Bear's "Food Matters" blog post, I thought of The Squirt and how well he has trained me to prepare things just the way that he likes (demands, actually).

I think that our horses are glad that we humans are so trainable. I have learned to prepare The Squirt's food EXACTLY as he likes it... I know that if I don't, he will not simply reject the offending meal, he will fire it at me.…


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Food Matters

Yet another poetic rambling courtesy of my alter ego, Shakespeare "The Equine."


Food Matters

I love my food;

There is no doubt.…


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De-Spook YOU ~The Missing Piece of the Horse Riders Confidence Puzzle

If you aren’t getting the full experience with your horse that you would like to have because of confidence, please read on!


We work hard to help our horses become “bomb proof” and confident, well now it’s time to De-Spook You™.


My clients, who are Olympic hopefuls, backyard riders and everything in between, have shared with me the thousands of dollars they’ve spent on training gear, clinics, lessons, books, DVD’s, CD’s etc all to help their HORSES…


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Vote for Navara

Can I be super cheeky!?!

Navara as we know is one of those poor horses who is always covered in pink. When I got her she had never had any items that belonged to her, had never had anything specially bought for her and her headcollar was moth eaten and had rust on it, so I always think that she should be made to feel 1 million dollars she has the most expensive grooming… Continue

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Girl Power wins Big at the FTI Great Charity Challenge in Wellington, Florida

An all girl showjumping team sponsored by prominent showjumping owner and breeder Susan Grange scored second place and won $125,000 for their charity Horses N Heroes. For several months I have been helping Mindy Nolan-Morrow. Executive Director of the mentoring program for girls, write letters to potential sponsors and donors, construct press releases, plan events, create marketing materials and in general get the word out.  When I heard about the FTI Great Charity Challenge, I told Mindy…


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Research Shows That A Day In The Forest Is Good For Your Health and Wellness

I am so fortunate to live where I live. I have access to some of the most beautiful trail riding country in the world. I have had the privilege of going on several trail rides with my Norwegian Fjord Aura. We have covered a few miles through pine, spruce and fir forests, through a few creeks, up and over…


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The Mares Are Always Right About my Riding Abilities

This was a wonderful week in that I got to ride three times.


However the spirit of revolution that started in Tunisia three weeks ago has finally reached both mares I ride, both Mia and Cider said no more to my most recent experiment using the Myler bits.  Of course the cold I had was quite bad and very weakening, and it really messed up my physical abilities.  Last…


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My Letter from "The Queen of England"

For the past two years I have been working on a huge project

“The Equine Heritage Exhibit”

The purpose of this project was to create a permanent record of all the breeds of horses in Alberta.

It was entrusted to me – to locate – photograph and document as many as possible over two years.  My original list had 40 different breeds, however by the end of the project I had photographed 60 different breeds of horses that are actively being bred here in Alberta, plus…


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Farewell to Miss Fergs

Yet another poetic rambling courtesy of my alter ego -- Shakespeare "The Equine"


Farewell To Miss Fergs

Dedicated to the fiery Miss Fergs who succumbed to colic, February 13, 2011, age 22




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Five Questions Every Horse Business Owner Should Ask

You’re at your desk dreaming of being an entrepreneur. Or you’ve started a horse cookie company because you’ve managed to turn your endurance horse into a roly-poly Thelwell pony on those cookies alone.


OMG, your head is spinning. “What am I doing and why…


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